pitbull-with-puppyBestdogfoodforpitbulls.com is a non-profit site run by a few pitbull lovers and owners.

Our main goal with this site is to educate pitbull owners on how to give them the best nutrition possible to keep them as healthy and strong as they have the potential to be while at the same time guaranteeing you a faithful and affectionate pet for many years to come.

Even though we’ll focus on pitbulls’ nutrition, it would be a disservice not to complement this site with information not related directly to nutrition but that would also be of great aid for you as a pitbull owner. Hence, we’ll also give you our take on subjects such as training, exercise, accessories, etc., all relevant to the pitbull breed.

In full disclosure, we’d like to mention that you might see ads and product reviews in this site, which do earn us commissions, but whatever earnings we obtain through these means will be used to cover the steep expenses of maintaining a website such as hosting, web development, etc. It’s important to point out, though, that we would never endorse a product or service we might consider at all risky for your pit. If you see something advertised here, it’s because we genuinely believe it to be a good alternative that might be of help to you and your dog.

All in all, we hope that the info on this site can help you the most out of one of the best life experiences you can get: owning and raising a pitbull.

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