The Best Grain Free Dog Food for Pit Bulls

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The Best Grain Free Dog Food for Pit Bulls

Finding grain free dog food has become increasingly popular. Grain free dog food is a great way to give your pet a natural mixture of foods that more closely mimic the ancestral diet of dogs. Dogs deserve the highest quality food, just like humans do. Dogs need a diet filled with high quality proteins and a good source of animal fats. Because pit bulls are muscular dogs with a big build, they need a lot of protein to remain strong and active throughout their lives. That’s why so many dog owners have taken to buying only the best grain free dog food for their pit bulls. Another reason why owners have switched to gluten free and grain free meals is if their pit bull has an allergy or grain sensitivity.


How are grains harmful for pit bulls?

Well, it’s not only for pit bulls. Lots of breeds can have a food allergy or food sensitivity. The most common food allergy that dogs have are to wheat, soy, corn, eggs, chicken and beef and milk.


What type of carbohydrates come in grain free foods?

Your pit bull will still need some type of carbohydrate in its diet, even if its meals consist of mostly proteins and grain free brands of food and kibble. Grain free dog food will usually omit cereals and wheat substances and will normally have potatoes or legumes as a carbohydrate. That source of carbs also helps keep the kibble deliciously packed together.


What are the best grain free dry foods and wet foods for my dog?

Your dog will still need a hearty mix of wet and dry foods. Luckily, there are many brands nowadays that sell grain free food and treats for your pit bull or other breed of dog. James Well Beloved has a wide variety of grain free packaged dog food in a mixture of choices of meat and vegetables. So even if your dog needs a grain free diet in combination with poultry free or beef free, you can find something for your special dog. If you would like a long list of wet grain free dog food, click here to see some options. If you are looking for a long list of dry grain free dog food options, click here to see the variety available.

However, keep in mind that these commercial brands of grain free food will have higher prices than normal dog food. That’s because grain free and gluten free foods are considered specialty items. If your dog has a wheat allergy, it’s worth the money to ensure your dog has a healthy stomach and a happy lifestyle. But if you can’t afford the extra expense and your dog is not allergic to wheat or gluten, normal kibble is just fine. Just choose brands high in protein and without chemicals and artificial flavorings. If you are interested in making some homemade gluten free treats, check out this recipe.

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